Information Analysis Incorporated - IT Professional Services | Legacy System Modernization | eBusiness Solutions | IAI Adds Heirloom Paas Platform to its GSA Schedule 70
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IAI Adds Heirloom Paas Platform to its GSA Schedule 70

IAI recently announced that the General Services Administration has approved the modification of the company’s GSA IT Schedule 70 contract, 47QTCA18D0080, to add Heirloom Computing’s PaaS software platform products. IAI and Heirloom have established a partnership whereby IAI will resell the Heirloom PaaS software platform and provide integration/implementation services to transform COBOL to Java and migrate/rehosted transformed applications to Mid-tier (Unix/Linux/Microsoft) platforms and to the Cloud. The core technology of Heirloom PaaS™ is a patented compiler that can recompile and refactor very large complex mainframe applications built from millions of lines of code into Java in minutes. The resulting application is guaranteed to exactly match the function and behavior of the original application. The software elements that drive Heirloom PaaS™ are Heirloom Enterprise Developer, Elastic Platform, and Elastic COBOL Runtime.