eBusiness Solutions

IAI is a recognized leader providing eBusiness Solutions and services to meet the rapidly changing on-line business needs of diverse clients in the government and commercial sectors. For over 20 years, IAI has worked with its clients to design, create and implement innovative solutions that maximize clients’ Internet-based applications. Many organizations still use paper-based forms as fundamental components of their business processes. Other organizations have automated information systems, but those systems are only used by internal staff. In some cases, organizations that have electronic forms created them using proprietary software. IAI has extensive experience using standards-based architectures to automate and extend business processes to the people that need to use them, internally and externally to the organization.

Intelligent Documents (Electronic Forms)

Electronic forms have become highly sophisticated using the technology available today. Most significantly, the ability to extend business processes out to all customers with Internet access enables powerful, flexible eBusiness Solutions. IAI has extensive experience creating solutions using the Portable Document Format (PDF), which is the industry’s foremost standard electronic file format. Using the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe ES products, IAI creates intelligent documents, which have field validation, conditional logic, external system dialog, XML generation and PDF creation integrated into a distributed solution. As an Adobe Solution Partner, IAI designs and develops customized solutions, provides training and support, plus licenses the Adobe software.

Mobile Device, App and Tablet Solutions

Using the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) product suite, IAI helps clients organize, create, optimize and manage the delivery of custom apps and content across digital outreach channels, including the web, mobile devices, tablets and email. This enables organizations to reach a broader range of desired end-users. Applica­tions can be managed on premises or hosted in a cloud environment. We enable clients to extend their reach to designated customers, stakeholders and the general public, as desired to facilitate user engagement, interaction and self-service. Optimizing the end-user’s experience in dealing with an organization leads to increased user satisfaction and decreased cost of operation. We also provide the unified tools to enable clients’ staff to internally develop and deploy new templates, forms, wizards, etc., for such web, mobile, intranet and tablet applications in timely fashion.

Enterprise Portals

To enable both internal and external customers to access the intelligent documents that they need for specific business processes, IAI develops web portals. Working with functional experts, IAI designs interfaces that simplify critical business processes. Working with IT experts, IAI develops and implements enterprise portals that are flexible, secure and reliable.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Leveraging IAI’s depth of experience with Systems Modernization enables clients to integrate diverse information systems into a seamless eBusiness Solution to achieve Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). IAI’s uses standards-based solution architectures, including SOA and XML, to provide a high degree of automation, eliminating manual processing, while ensuring secure, scalable operations.

Business Process Management

Implementing eBusiness Solutions takes more than sophisticated technology. IAI works with both functional and IT experts to ensure that business processes are streamlined to be efficient and effective. Using an objective perspective for functional requirements analysis enables organizations to identify opportunities to eliminate process steps, accelerate process execution and leverage existing capabilities. The net result is higher quality execution accomplished more quickly and at lower total costs. For information about IAI’s eBusiness Solutions, please review our Client Summaries.