Excerpts from Micro Focus “Little Book of COBOL”

posted on 2015-09-22 by IAI Staff , tagged Legacy Modernization

Some interesting facts from Micro Focus on COBOL. IAI is a Micro Focus Migration Solutions Partner and provides solutions that allow companies and Federal agencies to optimize their legacy COBOL applications.

Excerpts from the Micro Focus “Little Book of COBOL”:

  1. The vast majority of the world’s IT systems still run on COBOL
  2. COBOL powers 70% of all business transactions
  3. 95% of all ATM transactions use COBOL
  4. 250 billion lines of COBOL support today’s core business applications
  5. 1.5 million lines of COBOL are written every single day
  6. COBOL applications manage the care of 60 million patients
  7. Today there are more lines of COBOL than any other programming language