IAI Appointed as Reseller of Protected Mobility Encrypted Solutions

IAI recently signed an agreement to be a “Reseller” of Protected Mobility products. Under the deal, IAI will leverage its existing customer relationships and proven presence in the government arena to provide sales and IT services to a broad base of customers in both the government and select commercial areas. Protected Mobility is a provider of secure encryption solutions for the mobile world.

From smart phones to laptops and tablets, Protected Mobility solutions are ideal for government and private sector secure communications. With Protected Mobility you gain easy to use, cross platform, cross carrier, military grade security at the touch of a button on mobile devices.  Since 2010, hundreds of thousands of devices/software applications have been provided to private enterprises and US government agencies. Many of these users require secure mobile communications which must operate reliably and often in highly hostile environments. With more than 350,000 in use, Protected Mobility has an excellent track record for its easy to use products which can be downloaded and used on mobile devices and desktops.