8-Ks for 2021

Benoit, Private Placement, ByLaws
2021-2Q Earnings Press Release
Financials for Tellenger, Inc.
Investor Presentation 2021-06
2021-1Q Earnings Press Release
Unregistered Shares
Director Tringali
New Banking Relationship
Acquisition of Tellenger, Inc.
Directors Johnson, Reese
Appointment of CEO Reese
2020 Earnings Press Release
Appointment of CFO Sands

8-Ks for 2020

Retirement of CEO and Appointment of Interim CEO
2020-3Q Earnings Release
2020-2Q Earnings Release
Election of Acting Principal Financial Officer

8-Ks for 2018

2018 Annual Meeting Results
2017-Year-End Earnings Release

8-Ks for 2017

2017-3Q Earnings Release

2017-2Q Earnings Release

2017 Annual Meeting Results

2017-1Q Earnings Release

8-Ks for 2016

2016 Annual Meeting Results

Krial Appointed to Board of Directors

2015 Earnings Release