Other for 2022

S-8 2021 Stock Incentive Plan

8-Ks for 2021

WaveDancer Information Memorandum
DE Reorganization, GMI Acquisition, Private Placement
2021 Annual Meeting Results
Gray Matters, Corp Transformation
2021-3Q Earnings Press Release
Appointment of CFO Hannon
Benoit, Private Placement, ByLaws
2021-2Q Earnings Press Release
Financials for Tellenger, Inc.
Investor Presentation 2021-06
2021-1Q Earnings Press Release
Unregistered Shares
Director Tringali
New Banking Relationship
Acquisition of Tellenger, Inc.
Directors Johnson, Reese
Appointment of CEO Reese
2020 Earnings Press Release
Appointment of CFO Sands

Other for 2021

8-A 12(b) Nasdaq Uplist
S-8 2016 Stock Incentive Plan

8-Ks for 2020

Retirement of CEO and Appointment of Interim CEO
2020-3Q Earnings Release
2020-2Q Earnings Release
Election of Acting Principal Financial Officer

8-Ks for 2018

2018 Annual Meeting Results
2017-Year-End Earnings Release

8-Ks for 2017

2017-3Q Earnings Release

2017-2Q Earnings Release

2017 Annual Meeting Results

2017-1Q Earnings Release

8-Ks for 2016

2016 Annual Meeting Results

Krial Appointed to Board of Directors

2015 Earnings Release