Mainframe Modernization

IAI has gained extensive experience in modernizing legacy systems as one of its core competencies. In our time we have provided modernization solutions to more than 100 government and private sector clients. We are particularly experienced in providing modernization solutions involving older, proprietary mainframe COBOL applications.

What We Do

IAI offers a full range of related services including consulting, training, migration and modernization implementation, and on-site project support. Our proven skill set, evolved over years of successful project implementations, includes the following:


  • Application Assessment/Risk Analysis
  • Platform Migration/Optimization
  • Database Conversion/Migration
  • Language Conversion/Consolidation
  • Web Access/Transition to SOA Web Services


IAI’s experience spans a wide range of legacy systems architectures using a variety of system integration techniques. We leverage our own uniquely developed automated tool set (Integrated CONversion Solutions – ICONS), along with certain off the shelf tools provided by our alliance partners―such as Micro Focus, Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle―to ensure maximum reuse of the original logic created while incorporating newer technologies that enable advanced functionality.


IAI’s expertise enables our clients to leverage and extend their legacy assets into modern platforms, including the Cloud, helping to reduce operational and maintenance costs while improving agility for mission-critical systems. We specialize in modernization solutions for increased efficiencies and unlocking the value of existing legacy assets while eliminating costs, delays and risks associated with conventional rewrite or replacement strategies.


Modernization Service Offerings

IAI provides custom solutions to meet the following business needs of our clients:


  • Providing Internet or Intranet access to legacy system functionality
  • Extending legacy applications to customers
  • Integrating legacy applications with other internal/ external systems
  • Reducing total cost of ownership for legacy systems
  • Business rule analysis
  • Business rule changes requiring adding, modifying functionality
  • Reducing the number of different operating environments
  • Provide solutions to reduce expensive maintenance and support requirements
  • Inventorying legacy system applications and databases
  • Identifying interdependencies in legacy environments
  • Conversion of older hierarchical/network databases to RDMS


Revamping Legacy Cobol

IAI’s proficiency allows you to migrate, modernize, or transform legacy COBOL applications to realize yearly cost-savings and efficiencies. We are particularly adept at migrating mainframe legacy applications to Windows, UNIX, or Linux, platforms utilizing SQL databases and web accessible user interfaces, while also preserving the functional integrity of the legacy system.


Whether you need a system assessment, pilot project, application modernization, or just a performance tuning, IAI stands ready to assist you in gaining a “new lease on life” for your aging legacy applications.