Small Business Administration Legacy Solution

The SBA extends loans to help support small businesses using its Loan Management and Accounting System (LMAS). This comprehensive system processes and manages a loan portfolio of nearly $100 billion each year. LMAS has been in use since the 1970s and, while state-of-the-art then, the application environment now negatively impacts the SBA’s ability to rapidly meet the expanding business requirements of its users. During normal operations, any program changes mandated by government receive sufficient notice so that system amendments can be made. However, when the government suddenly needed to mobilize in response to a disaster, and service an unusually high number of loans, the SBA found that it could not respond quickly to this increased demand. The LMAS system, hosted on a Unisys Mainframe, was batch-operated and not flexible enough to process and manage loan service requests in a timely fashion.

Information Analysis Incorporated (IAI) proposed a solution based on the Micro Focus Mainframe Migration product suite for the Oracle Solaris platform, as well as the IAI Integrated Conversion Solution (ICONS) toolset. This solution provided for re-hosting the COBOL business rules in the target environment and converting the UNISYS DMS 2200 database to Oracle.

IAI used a collaborative approach to this project, teaming with Select Computing Inc. (SCI) applications and systems personnel to leverage their functional knowledge of the application, gained as the primary support contractor for LMAS for several years, and our knowledge of the current (UNISYS) and target (Micro Focus) technical environment and tools. IAI’s ICONS was used to transform the proprietary UNISYS COBOL to conform to the open Micro Focus COBOL and to analyze and create a functionally equivalent Oracle database structure, from the existing UNISYS DMS database. IAI’s ICONS also automatically replaced the data access calls in the UNISYS code with calls to an independent data access layer that provides access to the new Oracle database. IAI had primary responsibility for necessary changes to source code and database access and SCI was responsible for data migration. IAI and SCI supported the SBA through a rigorous testing process that included several months of parallel processing.

The project was successfully completed late in 2014, achieving all of SBA’s objectives and the new LMAS was placed into production, enabling SBA to sever the connection and the Agencies’ dependence on the older generation Unisys platform.