SBA Central Servicing Agent (CSA) 504 System Modernization

As a subcontractor to the primary contractor, IAI was tasked to provide services for modernizing the Small Business Administration (SBA) CSA 504 system.  The goal was to migrate the SBA mainframe loan servicing application to a distributed Micro Focus COBOL and ColdFusion environment with Oracle database and UNIX operating system. The scope of work included the following:

  • Modify the current CSA software to operate on a SPARC server with Solaris UNIX and Oracle database.
  • Develop all user interface programs for operation in a secure web environment using ColdFusion and Oracle.
  • Port all batch COBOL programs to Micro Focus COBOL and VSAM files to Oracle database.
  • Develop Web Service modules following SBA standards for interfaces to SBA and external systems.

IAI supported finalizing project objectives, contract deliverables, and key success criteria. IAI’s support included analysis of High Level Requirements to confirm the current state of functionality and the technology components of the CSA Mainframe. IAI also assisted in finalizing a new technology solution in collaboration with SBA, including the synchronization of batch and online databases.  IAI helped to develop project plans, migrated production COBOL programs, copybooks, JCL, procs, and control library from mainframe to UNIX, and converted CA UFO and VBA/Access screens to ColdFusion web pages. In addition, IAI converted VSAM file structures and Access table structures to Oracle database tables, and wrote PL/SQL stored procedures for online database transactions.

IAI used its proprietary ICONS toolset to help shorten the time and effort required to complete the project.  ICONS converts mainframe COBOL to Micro Focus COBOL, VSAM file access to Oracle database access via called DBIO subroutines, VSAM record layouts to Oracle database table structures, and mainframe JCL to UNIX Perl scripts. IAI also supported integration testing to verify external interfaces and data transfers with test data and assisted in user acceptance testing to verify end-to-end functionality with production processes and data.

IAI converted about 165 mainframe COBOL programs to Micro Focus COBOL, 150 mainframe JCL to UNIX Perl scripts, 45 VSAM files to Oracle database tables, 20 CA UFO screens to ColdFusion web pages, 90 VBA/Access screens with multiple tabs to ColdFusion web pages, and 300 Access tables to Oracle. The modernization effort was finished on-time and within budget.  The system is now in production supporting SBA senior management and CSA auditors.