Big Data Analytics and Fraud Protection

As a Neo4j Solutions Partner and Reseller, IAI can support the licensing of this software application as a core component of an organization’s cyber threat intelligence and fraud protection activities. Graph database technology, such as that deployed by Neo4j, can play a proactive role in cyber defense, situational awareness and sophisticated threat analysis on very large datasets. Neo4j leverages its high performance graph capability to efficiently extract intelligence in environments that produce massive amounts of data.

Graph Databases are the ideal enabler for efficient and manageable fraud detection and provide a unique ability to uncover a variety of important fraud patterns. Graph databases offer new methods of uncovering fraud and scams with a high-level of accuracy, and are capable of stopping fraud scenarios in real-time before their impact can become excessively damaging.

Graphs are designed to express relatedness and therefore can uncover patterns that are difficult to detect using traditional representations such as tables. Collusions that were previously hidden become obvious when looking at them with a system designed to manage connected data, using real-time graph queries as a powerful tool for detecting a variety of highly-impactful fraud scenarios.

Key security attributes of the Neo4j technology include the following:


· High Performance Graph Database Software Solution

  • Targeted to “Big Data” databases


· Available on IAI GSA Schedule 70


· Proactive Cyber Defense and Fraud protection

  • Graph visualization for human analyst decision making
  • Extract intelligence out of very large data sets
  • Graph theory and algorithm support machine learning analysis
  • Modeling and consuming Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) data