Digital Content and Document Security

As an authorized Adobe Solutions Partner, IAI utilizes its expertise in delivering Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solutions to protect a client’s sensitive or confidential information contained in forms, documents and other digital content created using AEM technology. AEM security add-ons provide a simple, yet secure way to distribute sensitive information and allow such information to be accessed via the web or mobile sites. AEM document security can record detailed audit logs of when, how, and where a user accesses a document and what they do with it. Rights-protected documents created with AEM can be viewed offline or online by designated users depending on an organization’s defined policies. Document authors can apply security or tracking policies, as may be necessary, depending on the level of confidentiality of the digital content. As an Adobe Reseller, IAI can sell and deliver enterprise or department level licensing of the AEM software. Features of the Adobe AEM product Suite include, but are not limited to the following:

· Adobe AEM Product Suite

· Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

  • Match people to content/label content
  • Authenticate Users

· Digital Rights Management (DRM)

  • Protect access to content

· Continuous Monitoring and Analytics

  • Detect unusual document access/printing
  • Identify trending documents

· Certificate ID/Digital Signatures

  • Verify document authenticity/integrity

· Secure XML based forms over any platform or device